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How to sell the value of your home

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 Once you decide to sell your home, try to improve the value and sale. To be competitive, the selling price will be the home to create a positive first impression attracting ,with this way, how the maximum number of qualified buyers.



Let's take a look at ten key ways owners can increase the value of their home before they sell.


  • Exterior painting:
    One of the quickest ways to make a better first impression on buyers to be painted and if you need to regenerate the exterior of the building, especially the front. Make sure the colors you use are likely to appeal to most prospective buyers.
  • Doors and windows:
    Replace old windows and doors with new technology, ensuring, except better appearance, thermal insulation and soundproofing. It is important for prospective home buyer has some features apart from affording him comfort and economy.
  • Surroundings and lighting:
    Clean and optimize your space surrounding the house, the garden and the entrance of the building. Deal with the lighting of outdoor as many potential buyers might want to see how your property at night. A dark object creates a sense of insecurity.
  • Floors:
    Floors should be clean, polished and well-maintained. The marble flooring careful and correct the flaws, if any, while the floors are tiled sure to restore what has been broken or fix their damaged joints. Great care must be exercised in hardwood floors, especially when they have blisters from moisture. Any sign can indicate moisture problems in the home, you will discredit.
  • Cuisine:
    From the most basic parts of a house is the kitchen, which should provide aesthetics and functionality. Replace or fix their damaged instruments from the closets or drawers, change, if you must, the fountain, first of all, make sure very meticulous about the cleanliness of the whole space. The kitchen will give special weight the prospective buyer, especially if located in the same space with the living room.
  • Bathroom:
    All buyers want their new bathroom to be cared for. When it is clean, with new fountains and beautifully refurbished accessories impresses. A large mirror creates the sensation that the room is much larger and does not cost a lot and upgrades the bathroom and can affect the final choice.
  • Interior painting:
    It is a necessary process, which showcases the best rooms in the house. Use colors bright and cheerful, but be sure to match each other and with the whole house.
  • Lighting:
    In a well-lit home highlights the best features. A well-lit kitchen looks more functional, while the right lighting in the living room highlights the decorative and design elements that might otherwise be lost. In each show the house to prospective buyers make sure to open all the windows and doors and all the lights. The brightness of a house belonging to the qualitative characteristics.


Concepts Market

  • objective value: The value per sq.m. the property in a certain area, as defined by the Ministry of Finance.
  • land: Agricultural land, land "off the plan".«εκτός σχεδίου».
  • Contribution: Contract between a property owner and contractor whereby the contractor will construct a multi-storey building and will pay the owner a percentage of the building that will be manufactured. The percentage varies depending on the area and location of the property.
  • audit evidence: is the legal supervision by a lawyer in a land register and cadastral office is in control of the property titles.
  • Commercial value: The actual value of purchase / sale of real estate in a particular area in accordance with current market values and in relation to quality.
  • building factor / cover / height: Fixed number less than or greater than one for calculating the dimensions of a building on the land on which it is built. The rates vary by region, but even in the same area there may be variations.
  • house: House consisting of floors and interconnecting or independent ie a corner or middle terraced two partitions in a residential complex, but always has its own garden or plot.
  • apartment: Apartment occupies the whole floor.
  • orofomezoneta: Apartment two level has another house or other dwelling above or below. Usually ground floor playroom and private garden or rooftop loft or attic.
  • horizontal property: The property at floor or part of a building floor. It is independently owned and the owner has ownership percentage and on common areas of the building and on the land. Condominiums are apartments, warehouses and indoor parking spaces.
  • Purchase Contract: Is the deed by which the ownership of a property over a certain price. The assignment of the transcription contracts are transacted in the relevant Land Registry or Land Office.
  • Notary fees: The fees of the notary to draw up the contract of sale. The costs range from 1.20% to 2% of the contract price or the assessed value, whichever value is higher.
  • Property Transfer Tax: We charge the buyer and payment takes place before the signing of the contract constitutes a formal precondition and a copy of the declaration sheet attached to the purchase contract.
  • Land Registry: The public service, which holds the title deeds of the property eg contracts and generally any act that affects the legal status of a property.